We create innovative and scalable projects for the continuation of conventional advertising agency services. We believe the value of good opinion in Graviton. However, it is very important to maintain this opinions.  Our main reason of doing this work is the pleasure taken by adopting the things wanted by our business partners.  The main work is starter after the many project featured and we try to make the project as sustainable with this excitement felt during the signing of the project.


We are developing opinions which create difference on the internet and mobil channels, rising values of our world.  The pleasant sides of our work are to listen a brand, to understand what it needs and to tell how it address to the target group and what face is used for being in the web world place.  However, the actual pleasure is to adopt the project by designing from A to Z. We try to take a step forward to our business partners in the web world with unique designs and creative applications.

Almost all of us have seen that a small child stuck to the TV screen and tried to enlarge the picture with his fingers.  At a such time, we live with the smart phones and tablets.  We are producing useful mobil applications for these devices that we are not write them off.  We are desining, programming the applications to your need and we are pleased to adopt them to life.


We manage your policies of social media applications, follow-up and reputation management which are irrevocable part of brands in our age.  We are in line with the needs of brand and the point where these needs meet with the target group and we are developing their strategies.  We know what the brand followers want, we understand them and we use more appropriate communication language to answer their needs. We make our pages fun with the original applications that we prepared for them.  We live with such an agenda that every subject passes from our eyes and a crisis can instantly start.  At a such period, there is one important thing for crisis environment. That is to prevent the crisis.  So we follow the talking about our brands as 24/7, and we protect reputation of  our brands before the crises occur.



We present our software projects in the next generation platforms and provide technical infrastructure support with our professional teams.  The works do not end with the good design. If this design adopted, the best website would just stand as a decorative in our table or wall.  It is different pleasure for us to watch the adaptation of prepared projects with care in this digital world which we are a part of it and to program these projects in a language as clean and at least as beautiful its face.


We provide you to attempt epochally to your services on your customer complaint management with CRM projects.


We provide better planning of your business with our analysis services, especially including brand perception and profile research.

We provide more economical advertising budgets by planning of media and advertising, reporting, analyzing ana following in all areas.


With the most incredible people working with us, it comes as no surprise we’ve achieved some of the most prestigious awards.